Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find the desired article?
In Article overview, you will find all the articles that are available in our warehouse. In order to find the requested article, you can use different filters.
Furthermore, you can make use of our quick search. There you can use several search words, for example, article number (820), form (Tanaro), shoe type (half shoes) or colour (blue).
How long do my chosen articles stay in the Shopping chart? 
The articles that are in your basket, will be reserved for you for 12 hours. Then, the articles will be available for all the customers again.

 How long does it take until I get my order delivered?
The articles that are shown as immediately available, will be dispatched from our warehouse as soon as possible. The delivery time depends on the country, where the shoes have to be delivered.

Will all the available legero and superfit articles be shown in online shop?
Generally, all the in-stock articles are available in online shop. In some rare cases, it can be that the article is not shown in online shop. For such cases, feel free to contact our Customer Sales Service.

I forgot my password? What should I do?
Click on Forgot password and you will get your password. Please, enter your customer number and e-mail address and the password will be sent to your e-mail address in a short while.